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Welcome to my online gallery which is the journey of my work through college and university and things that inspire me. I have enjoyed creative things all my life and have found my studies in textiles and surface design to be a rewarding and enriching experience

Monday, 29 August 2011

Fair and Square

My Fair and Square project was part of my second year work. Inspired by the feel of shabbily beautiful well loved things around the home, I took a closer look at old cutlery and things that belonged to my Mother;her hand whisk and old recipe books.

This selection of pieces from my project have been created using pencil, crayon, ink, gouache,
 stitch, fabrics, various torn papers and old wallpaper

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Early Days...

I didn't realise I could paint and draw until I was a forty something! That's when I decided to go to college . This painting was my first ever 'proper' one and anyone who spent holidays in the 1960's at St Annes and Blackpool will smile - hopefully x
The composition was from a collection of family snaps from different years in the 60s. My lovely mum is sat in the deckchair on the left:I appear 3 times in the foreground

Me Myself and I
(watercolour & gouache 2006)